Watch Over Me

(2021, Switzerland/Germany/India)

In the end, being there is all that matters.

Mani, Sini and Dr. Reena are a team of counselor, nurse and doctor working for a palliative care organization in New Delhi. Within 48 hours of receiving a call through the helpline, they reach out to provide medical care and emotional support through weekly home visits. Their job is not an easy one because they can’t offer the one thing which patients and their families are desperately looking for – a cure. What they can offer instead is to assist the patient in accepting that dying is a normal process, a part of life.

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Maniama R.

Sini Kuriakose

Dr. Reena Sharma

written and directed by  Farida Pacha

cinematography  Lutz Konermann

editing  Katharina Fiedler

sound  Pratik Biswas

sound editing and mix  Florian Eidenbenz

music  Dürbeck & Dohmen


Lutz Konermann (Leafbird Films GmbH, CH)

Hans Robert Eisenhauer (Ventana-Film, DE)

Farida Pacha (Video Without Borders, IN)

supported by

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK


IDFA Bertha Fund

DocEdge Kolkata

René Da Rold Pictures

Magnetix Tonstudio


92 min., b&w, HD, Hindi (with subtitles)

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