The Seedkeepers

(2005, India)

“The Seedkeepers” looks at the transformation of Dalit women’s lives through their involvement in an ecological movement for sustainable farming in Andhra Pradesh, India.



The arid and unforgiving land of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh is being slowly transformed by an ecological movement for sustainable farming.

More than 5000 poor, Dalit women have come together to form sanghams – village level collectives. Through the sanghams, these women have revived traditional systems of agriculture; systems that have been completely ignored and marginalized by the State. Moreover, with their involvement in this movement, they have acquired a new dignity and role in their community. This is their story.


2006 National Film Award, India



Written and directed by  Farida Pacha

Cinematography  Shubra Dutta, Avijit Mukul Kishore

Sound  Gissy Michael

Editing  Rikhav Desai

Produced by  Public Service Broadcasting Trust, New Delhi


30 min., DV, Telugu (with subtitles)

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